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Next up Sebelius to hand in resignation letter to her boss as early as next week.  Apparently she does not want to travel down the path that Lerner has taken.  Read more here.

Quite a bit happening in DC. today.  First Lois Lerner will be held in contempt as Senate Committee votes on it. Now will go to the House for final approval.  Second the now famous Elijah Cummings is named as a party to the IRS scandal as his staff had close ties with Lerner during the whole shakedown of the Patriot tax exempt applications being held up for years.

Mickey Rooney passed away at the age of 93 last night.  Played many great roles on tv and movies. Blessings go out to his family and friends as they celebrate his memorable life. See more here.

Today marks the 46th anniversary of the death of a great American all about peace and equality, nothing more.  See more here.

Prayers go out to victims of Fort Hood once again. 

Massive voter fraud detected in North Carolina.  As we have stated in the past "dead people can still vote."  Read more here.

Supreme Court rules money is still considered free speech and will allow individuals to contribute as much money throughout any campaign by throwing out the aggregate limits.  Individuals can not contribute more than $2,600. per candidate still in any one election.

John Ralston appeared on "All in With Chris Hayes" today to discuss possible candidates for the republican presidential campaign of 2016 with the support of billionaire Sheldon Adelson owner of the Venetian here in Las Vegas. John stated New Jersey Governor Chris Christy appeared to hold the crowd captive until the occupied statement came out in his speech.

Open enrollment for ACA deadline is but 9 hours away for all individuals without insurance to sign up.  What will be the effect on those who don't meet the deadline? Only time will tell as new applications have been suspended.  Read more here.

Governor Christie news conference taking place right now. " We have sent over 50 thousand pages to the State Legislature" as he describes how he wanted to get to the bottom of BridgeGate immediately.  Report finds the Governor knew nothing.

Philadelphia women hit with a brick in face during an attempted robbery near Temple University. See report here.

Supreme Court hearing arguments on Hobby Lobby vs Sebelius.  Have to wonder which side of the Constitution will prevail. Read Transcript here.

Watchdog group finds fraudulent use of credit cards in the EPA as there appears to be no one looking out for the taxpayers of America over there.  Read more here.

Nascar  Weekend comes to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Millions of dollars will be spent and a hundred thousand or so visitors will experience this fabulous weekend of events.  Click here for more info.

Supreme Court in Massachusetts states it is not illegal for any man, woman or child to take photos up skirts as laws do not apply to individuals who  are wearing clothing.   Read more here.

The president talking about his new 2015 budget planWork harder, spend more and give millions more workers the opportunity to take advantage of the tax breaks.  This budget will put our fiscal house in order..... Same speech here as we have heard for the past 6 years. Can we grow our economy by continuing to spend more than we take in by 43%?     Listen here..

Elected Official in Congress threatens reporter for asking question deemed inappropriate.  These are the individuals we elect to represent us.  Click here for video.

Representative Moran (D) Virginia will not seek re-election after 28 years on the hill.  Read more here.

MGM receives approval to build stadium from Country Commissioners today here in Las Vegas.  Plan is to open in 2016.


This just in from National Indian Gaming: Charlie Hill

"Just before we rang in the New Year of 2014, a comedy legend, and dear friend, Charlie Hill passed on. Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to his wife, children and his family in this time.


We honor Charlie's memory who was always there for us, taking us to a better, happier place, interrupting the mundane and historical bitterness through his comedy. As a stand-up comedian Charlie's quick wit, Indian humor and Native wisdom touched all of our spirits and reminded us that we could change the world one laugh at a time.


Charlie will always be in our hearts as we remember how he represented Indian country at the Comedy Store in LA, or on the Richard Pryor Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman and the Roseanne Barr Show to name just a few successful and former colleagues of his. He was instrumental in breaking down stereotypes and cultural misnomers about Native Americans in the national spotlight. The transformation that he inspired in Hollywood not only involved championing Native's acting in Native roles but also getting Native Americans in other entertainment industry roles like writing, film making, make-up, editing, and performing.


Not only did Charlie entertain across America and around the world, he also traveled extensively throughout Indian country and brought laughter and joy as we celebrated 25 years of economic growth in Indian country directly attributable to Indian gaming. He left us a wonderful legacy. He taught us to heal our generational trauma through the medicine of smiles, belly laughs and humorous insights. Oh, he gave us that Good Medicine and we thank him for that!


I was honored to be asked to speak at Charlie's memorial luncheon and in my words to Charlie's family and friends I committed to carry the message of Charlie's legacy. That being, that he used his gifts and talents to make a powerful paradigm shift in the arts and entertainment industry. Charlie influenced the empowerment of Native artisans in Indian gaming. Through his determination as a warrior, he carved a path for Native artists and entertainers throughout the Indian gaming Industry, advocating for the hiring of Indians in Indian casino's expanding Native-to-Native business relationships. He has not only changed America, but he educated the world about Native people, standing up for tribal sovereignty, economic development and the plight of Indian country. He was tremendously successful in making a positive difference for all Indian people.

For the loved ones that Charlie leaves behind; we offer them the three condolences of the Iroquois Confederacy. May the tears be wiped away from their eyes so that they can see clearly once again, their ears be cleaned so that they can have perfect hearing and their throats be cleansed so that they may speak clearly. May their minds be clear and their peace restored.


The Charlie Hill Fund website has been established to help the family during this extraordinary period. Any amount that can be contributed is appreciated. The EverRibbon website is a secure site that is used for accepting donations. Interested parties may donate to the Charlie Hill Fund with a credit card or bank account. To donate to the Charlie Hill Fund, go to:


Charlie's life will live on in the many hearts that he has touched in his lifetime."



Ernest L. Stevens Jr., Chairman


National Indian Gaming Association

224 2nd Street SE

Washington D.C. 20003

Charlie Hill's obituary from the Green Bay Press-Gazette: "Groundbreaking Oneida comedian Charlie Hill dies at 62"  

On this day in history our nation held it's first election for the president of the newly formed United States in 1789 with George Washington being elected by a landslide. Continue here.

Just about 87 years ago a group of men begain playing basketball in the Chicagoland area, competing against the best. Over the years they have entertained millions with their crazy antics and exceptional ball handling skills. Read more here.Zappos bends traditional management styles as they continue to grow and expand worldwide. See more here.

Inspirational lecture that happened a few years ago. Thought it was worth putting on the page one time as the information is thought provoking. Randy Pausch talks about living your childhood dreams in this "Last Lecture" series.

On this day in 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in an invasion that 'will live of infamy" as described by President Roosevelt on his address for all the world to heard. The raid took place early in the morning with hundreds of our forces taken off guard losing their lives in the surprise attack. Battleships were sunk and plane after plane came in two waves destroying everything within their sight as each bomb hit the targets. See more here.

The world has lost a hero today, the greatest, most humble, Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95. His life was full of love and tolerance even after being locked up in a cell for nearly 3 decades. We grieve for this great humanitarian, Africa's most infamous leader ever in the land. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends as we reflect on his worldly achievements.

Today we celebrate a day to thank all those who have served this great nation sacrificing life, limb and livelihood to protect our rights, our freedom which is afforded us by the oldest written Constitution in the world. Veterans both young and old we thank you for all you have done and all you do to make this nation one of the safest and strongest on earth.

What we have to offer is a mere pittance compared to all who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom. Remember a veteran and thank them today and everyday for your ability to walk to the store, ride your bike or just enjoy a day at the park with your family and friends because without a strong military this nation would not be one of freedom and prosperity. Thank you to all who have served along with their families and friends. A tribute to the best in the world.

It now appears the Republican Senators who stood on the floor in the Senate during the "Affordable Care Act" debates being the voice of reason for the people. Many Senators spent hours and hours on in front of the podium laying out their arguments against the ACA to the American people. Senator Enzi gave in depth details with his concerns addressing the problems set forth in this video.

But the Democrats insisted they were wrong, that they were against this act because it was brought to the floor with the presidents support and the Republicans didn't like that as witnessed by this video with President Obama's opening statement during ACA debate. The president stated he was elected to work for the American people and the costs will come down and those who want to stop this act will not prevail.

Now we come to 2013 to find memos and emails that stated the president and his administration know all along millions of people would in fact lose their health insurance because of the new law and the provisions inserted by those in charge. Kathleen Sebelius has been on the hot seat for days now as she testifies in front of the Finance Committee hearing detailing what her role was in the roll out of the website to enroll individuals as required by law. As she was being grilled by the committee she leaned over and whispered "don't do this to me" and I couldn't help thinking "Ms Sebelius go back to your boss and tell him please don't do this to us" as the talking points "if you like your healthcare insurance, you can keep your healthcare insurance" rings in my ears. They knowingly deceived the American people to pass a bill that was unpopular to most Ameican's. Those who liked it knew it wouldn't pass if the truth were to be told so they lied for 3 years to get want they wanted regardless of who it would hurt in the end.

To date the website still crashes repeatedly, is shut down every night to fix the 621 million dollar disaster our hard earn tax dollars paid for. When all is said and done there should be a special prosecutor to find out where all that money went and why, as a website like this in the private sector wouldn't have cost more than 1 million dollars to have up and running. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the events of ACA.

Mayor Cory Booker is now Senator Booker from New Jersey.

In 2009 Senator Obama constantly told the American public "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period" as he traveled the country campaigning for the highest office in the land. The then senator and current president continued to sell the Affordable Care Act at hundreds and thousands of speeches using the same selling points to promote his vision for all Americans.

Now we find out he and his minions knew that was not the truth. As with many of his statements it was a lie told to sell a product they wanted you to have with funds paid for from your pocket. Since we are being forced to buy the insurance under the ACA (Affordable Care Act) shouldn't the FTC truth in advertising Act apply to all that was advertised?

All those involved should be accountable for lying to the American people for all these years knowing the statements to be false. Anyone involved in this scam should be fined, prosecuted and removed from office for failing to protect the American people from this deceptive practice that seems to be a trend in the political arena. 10-31-13

The five big lies about the Affordable Care Act...

Democrats and the president say they will not negotiate when it comes to the debt ceiling and health care. President Obama stated Republicans want to shut down the government and not pass a continuing resolution budget plan. The truth is the Republicans will pass the resolution without funding for ObamaCare so that issue can be worked on to make it less expensive and tailor it to those who need it as the health care plan was to do at the onset.

House passes stop gap funding bill, 352 House Resolution and House Resolution 59 without taxpayers being on the hook for ObamaCare by a vote of 230 to 189 which will prevent a government shutdown. Now it will be sent off to the Senate where the leader Harry Reid (D) Nv. yesterday vowed to shut down the resolution it's tracks as they (the Democrat held Senate) will not pass any bill that stops funding for the health care law. In a news conference on the 19th of September Senator Majority Leader Reid stated "I want ta be absolutely crystal clear any bill that defunds ObamaCare is dead, dead.)  Democrats are saying they are willing to shut down the government if this one provision isn't including in the funding. 9-20-13 

Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas standing on the Senate floor fighting for those constituents who got him elected to defund or repeal ObamaCare. The bill sent to the Senate from the House has a measure that would require 60 votes to fund the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Cruz explained why the RINO's in Congress want to maintain the 51 vote majority rule so they could go back to their constituents and say they voted against the act and lost.

Mr. Cruz wants to stop symbolic votes on all bills presented for a vote in the Halls of Congress to make people listen. With their low approval rating Mr. Cruz goes on to state what he hears from his constituents, he states what he hears from my folks back home is "you guys have done enough damage already." "We don't talk about fundamental tax reform, or jobs. No in Congress we have fund raisers, we don't listen to Americans and that is why our approval ratings are so low. "  9-24-13

After over 21 hours of deliberation Senator Cruz yield the floor for chamber prayer to start a new day ending his stand for the American people.  The senator stated his reasoning is simple 'this fight is to stop the train wreck in Washington where the Senate doesn't listen to the people."  Senator Dick Durbin continually attempted to corner the freshmen senator with questions about ObamaCare and each time Mr. Cruz eloquently made his points.  Finally Mr. Durbin asked in contention "Do you have the nations best insurance as offered by your employer, the Federal Government"?  His response was "No, I have the option" but do not or have not enrolled in it.                                             9-25-13

As stated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offered Continuing Resolution for vote striking the provision to defund ACA and changed dates from 12/13 to 11/13 for the funding to take place.    Sheldon Whitehouse spoke on the floor of the Senate addressing the crises arising in America "unless Speaker Boehner can't reframe his right wing tea party extremists" we will be forced to shut down the government. 9-26-13